Raising awareness of STDs and HIV amongst prostitutes and their clients


Icar Wallonie is a non-profit-making association providing assistance to male and female sex workers irrespective of the type of activity they engage in (escorting, roadside prostitution, call-out service or internet-based prostitution).

Our association offers the following services: social and administrative assistance, individualised help with social services, paramedical and medical care, psychological support and aesthetic treatment.

Overview of the project:

Step 1: Organise information sessions throughout the year on STDs, HIV and condom use, providing people in prostitution (clients and sex workers) with information around the issue.

Step 2: Organise confidential and free rapid testing for HIV following on from the information sessions. Testing will take place where the prostitutes work, in partnership with Sida Sol, a non-profit-making organisation. Sida Sol carries out testing regularly and will provide training to us.

Project aims:

1) Provide sex workers and their clients with accurate information on STDs, HIV and how this type of infection can be transmitted.

2) Raise awareness amongst the target audience through information sessions.

3) Stop contamination of this type of STD through the use of male/female condoms.

4) Carry out rapid HIV testing (2 mins) so people know if they have the AIDS virus or not. If they do, we will direct them to a specialised agency for medical treatment as quickly as possible.